Lady Gold and Ultramarine Gold Luxury Cell Phones from Gresso

Gresso Lady Gold & Ultramarine Gold cellphones

Gresso recently announced two new luxury cell phone models in the Lady’s Collection.

The Lady Gold cell phone looks almost identical to Lady Diamond, a model previously launched. But the Ultramarine Gold phone has an eye-catching blue finish. Both cell phone models are available in a limited edition of 15 pieces.

Lady Gold features a Magenta Diamond ceramic-coated case made of titanium. Similar to the Ultramarine Gold, Lady Gold also has a transparent sapphire back which was inspired by the Swiss Skeleton watches. This luxury feature allows you to see directly inside the handset.

The phone keys are made of 18K gold. The magnetic battery cover consists of stainless steel covered with leather.

Both Gresso handsets come standard with Windows Mobile 6 Standard, 2GB of memory, email support, Internet Explorer, Outlook, Bluetooth, mini USB connectivity, voice recorder, multimedia player and a built-in 2MP digital camera for pictures and video recording.

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