“Anton” Ultrasonic Humidifier and “Oskar Evaporative Humidifier” by Swizz Style

Swizz Style Anton humidifier
Swizz Style: Anton ultrasonic humidifier

Humidifiers have typically been bulky, unsightly items meant to serve a purpose and nothing more – until now. Swizz Style (www.Swizz-Style.com) has taken ordinary, unsightly household items and designed them to be luxurious, attractive, modern, and appealing pieces of furniture in your home.

Swizz Style has taken an exciting approach and developed cutting edge humidifiers that are ideal for either your home or office.

Swizz Style recently launched Anton and Oskar (photo above), which are their new high-end ultrasonic and evaporative humidifiers that also function as unique and stylish pieces of furniture for your home.

Anton is a sleek ultrasonic humidifier made of resistant materials capable of easily working in rooms up to 250 square feet and offers an optional scented oil dispenser. Anton is equipped with an anti-calcium cartridge and Ionic Silver Cube™, so it won’t leave behind that unsightly white powdery film produced by other humidifiers and will keep the water clean and pure.

The Anton control buttons are located out of sight for seamless elegance, and LED indicator lights switch from blue to red for easy readability of the water level.
– Pricing: the Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier MSRP is $139.99

Swizz Style Oskar humidifier
Swizz Style: Oskar evaporative humidifier

Oskar is a modern evaporative humidifier that helps your room bear optimal humidity with the least possible energy consumption. Oskar’s a full-power economist, providing ideal room climates due to an integrated hygrostat that supports exact humidification.

Unique in his class, the Oskar Evaporative Humidifier features an automatic off action when the tank is empty, therefore reducing energy consumption even further. Accommodating, practically silent and invisible when you lie dormant, Oskar also features LED control lights that can be dimmed to night-mode and is able to dispense your favorite fragrance.
– Pricing: the Oskar Evaporative Humidifier MSRP is $149.99

Swizz Style’s Anton or Oskar are perfect companions for your home, keeping the climate ideal while matching your sense of style!

For additional information about either the Swizz Style Anton Ultrasonic Humidifier and Oskar Evaporative Humidifier,
please visit: http://www.swizz-style.com/


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