La Grande Dame by Riva Collection

Veuve Clicquot has a thing about teaming up with high-end renowned brands to offer exceptional indulgences for champagne enthusiasts, time and gain.

Following Globalight’s success, now they have collaborated with Italian yacht maker Riva to unveil the La Grande Dame by Riva Collection. Since popping a bottle of champagne while cruising through serene waters is mandatory (at least I think it is), this luxurious set includes the Cruise Collection, Cruiser Bag, and ice bucket for intoxicating celebrations.

While the Cruise Collection, a “made to measure” piece contains 4 bottles of La Grande Dame 98, 2 magnums of La Grande Dame 88, 6 champagne flutes Riedel and 6 water tumblers, plates, table mats and cutlery, the Cruiser Bag, a limited edition of 300 pieces only, contains a bottle of La Grande Dame 98 and two champagne flutes.

For $80,000, you can dare to spoil yourself with the Cruise Collection. And that much sum hits you hard then you can get high with the Cruiser Bag for $425 only.

If you are planning a bash to celebrate your darling’s birthday or a multimillion dollar business venture on your luxurious yacht over the Mediterranean waters, then the Cruise Collection will agree with the occasion for sure.  Source


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