Krone – The Amelia Earhart Pen

To commemorate her achievements as a female pilot and champion of commercial aviation, Krone has created a limited edition Amelia Earhart fountain pen in a herringbone – patterned, blue celluloid with sterling silver accents.

The Amelia Earhart pen is the latest in a long list of exquisite limited editions offered by Krone. The brand is best known for its commemorative pens, the brainchildren of company founder Robert Kronenberger. A longtime collector of historic manuscripts, Kronenberger understands that many people are as passionate about their writing instruments as he is about history. Thus, he strikes the perfect balance in the pens he produces.

Krone focuses on writing instruments that commemorate significant people and events. And Kronenberger assembled a design team of twelve creative young artists to carry this out. Their mission is to bring history alive, not only for traditional pen collectors, but for anyone interested in a particular event or individual. They are charged with being “creative” when conceiving a new pen by looking for new techniques and materials to create beautiful products with imaginative packaging. After the Krone team has completed its images and specifications, craftsmen in Italy, who work in resin and celluloid, and craftsmen in Germany, who work with sterling silver and precious metals, turn the designs into a unique and fully functioning limited edition fountain pen. Other master craftsmen are involved as needed. For example, Russian painters specializing in miniatures decorate the barrels of some models.

The limited edition pens produced by Krone are intended to foster an emotional bond between the owner of the pen and an aspect of history. In doing so, Krone has broadened the appeal of high-end fountain pens beyond pen enthusiasts. Thus, acquiring a Krone pen can be a symbol of something that resonates with a person’s values, beliefs, or occupation. For example, the Abraham Lincoln Pen, which has a piece of Lincoln’s DN A embedded in it, appeals not only to pen collectors, but also to Civil War enthusiasts, attorneys, politicians and American history buffs in general.

Other Krone limited editions commemorate an individual’s achievements or contributions to world culture. The Sir Edmond Hillary Mount Everest Pen, which includes a polished piece of rock from the summit of Mount Everest in its cap, recalls a great adventurer and symbolizes the quest for the nearly unattainable; the William Shakespeare Pen contains a minute piece of the mulberry tree Shakespeare planted outside his house at Stratord-upon-Avon; and the Apollo 11 pen includes a piece of the actual Kapton foil that survived reentry from the moon-landing flight. Similarly, the Krone Lindbergh Pen, the HMS Victory Pen, the Babe Ruth Pen and the Charles Dickens Pen contain artifacts related to the persons and events these pens commemorate.

Still other limited edition writing instruments offered by Krone are revered for their exquisite artwork. For example, masterpieces by Russian miniature lacquer work artists demonstrate craftsmanship of a very high order in several collections, including Anno Domini, A Space in Time and Moses. In these collections, the painting is executed on a mother-of-pearl barrel, allowing the luminescence of the shell to shine through the paint.

This latest Krone limited edition, the Amelia Earhart Pen, reflects the best of Krone craftsmanship and also salutes the life and achievement of a remarkable and unconventional woman. It is available now from select retailers.

There are just 388 pens available, each priced at $2,900, and 68 rollerball pens, priced at $2,800. The fountain pen is also available with rose gold accents, (18 pieces), priced.


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