Kim Kollection – New Luxury Earring Collection by Kim Kardashian

Kim Kollection earrings - Kim Kardashian
Courtesy of: Loren Jewels

According to People, Kim Kardashian is about to launch a new luxury jewelry line, named “Kim Kollection.”

This isn’t Kim Kardashian’s first attempt at introducing a new line of jewelry. Kim initially co-designed an Armenian-inspired collection for L.A. label Virgins.

She next collaborated with famous sisters Khloe and Kourtney to launch Saints and Angels, and Kim Kardashian finally partnered with celebrity jeweler Pascal Mouawad for two new lines.

The new jewelry line will showcase luxury earrings and partner Kardashian with Loren Jewels creator Loren Ridinger.

The luxurious “Kim Kollection” will be a stunning 20-piece range collection that was inspired by the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle that Kim Kardashian lives.

The “Kim Kollection” earrings will incorporate a variety of precious stones, including diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and others.

The official luxury jewelry collection is planned to launch on September 1.

To view a sample of  the “Kim Kollection”, please visit www.


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