Custom Designer Jewelry by Gemvara

Gemvara jewelry
Courtesy of: Gemvara

Gemvara is the ultimate online shopping site for creating one-of-a-kind custom designer jewelry to suit any style and budget.

Recently, Gemvara announced the launch of the world’s first site for creating customized designer jewelry. Gemvara now offers the largest selection of gemstone jewelry.

The site’s easy-to-use customization feature allows shoppers to ‘click and create’ jewelry to suit their exact style and budget. All Gemvara jewelry is artfully constructed by master craftspeople in the United States.

Gemvara offers over 1,000 jewelry styles from an award-winning team of international designers in 16 different gemstone varieties and eight precious metals. Each piece can be customized by combining the brilliant gemstones and metals in an endless array of options.

With an equally broad range in pricing, Gemvara’s extensive selection of designs suit any budget, offering customers fun and affordable options for as little as $125 and also truly extraordinary, luxury items for tens of thousands of dollars and more.

Shoppers take the role of designer at Gemvara, putting their own twist on the jewelry selections offered, creating completely customized looks. Gemvara’s online customization palette illustrates exactly what each piece looks like as it is virtually constructed.

As quickly as customers modify the design, switching from a platinum diamond ring with aquamarine accents for example, to a rose gold setting with amethyst, each change is immediately reflected on screen. The price updates automatically too as different materials are selected. Once a design is complete, Gemvara’s team of master craftspeople bring it to life and the piece is delivered within three weeks.

Company founder, Matt Lauzon states, “Gemvara is about giving our customers complete control over design, while also making the process as simple and fun as possible. By offering our shoppers a way to customize jewelry any way they wish, to suit their own unique style and budget, we have created a truly personalized shopping experience that is revolutionizing the way jewelry is bought and sold online.”

The company’s name is inspired by the ancient Sanskrit word for wish ‘vara’, Gemvara approaches each customer’s order with their ‘as you wish’ promise of quality and satisfaction.

Founded on a belief that jewelry should serve a purpose beyond mere adornment, Gemvara strives to offer original pieces that truly reflect their customers’ unique, multi-faceted personalities.

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