JK Rowling Gets Approval to Build Hogwarts Style Tree Houses

JK Rowling

Famous “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling got approval last week to move forward with her plans to create large tree houses for her children in her own garden.

JK Rowling is 47 years old and lives in a stunning 17th-century mansion, located in an Edinburgh, Scotland suburb along with her husband and three children.

Inspired by the style of Hogwarts Castle in the extremely popular Harry Potter movies, Rowling plans for each tree house to measure bout 40 feet (12 meters) high. They will each have tall conical roofs and turreted windows.

Receiving approval for the tress houses was not without problems. The City of Edinburgh Council gave the go ahead despite several complaints from JK Rowling’s neighbors. The main issue was that the tree-houses may be visible from the road and affect the area’s landscape.

City of Edinburgh Council granted Rowling’s request, after determining that the development would not have a negative impact on the conservation area.

The council received artist impressions of the planned tree houses, detailing them to be built on wooden stilts and connected together by a rope bridge. The Rowling tree houses will also include decorative lanterns above the doors, balconies, steel slide, trap door and an impressive spiral staircase.


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