Inventive Jet Art Breaks the Bounds of Modernism and Post-Modernism

jet engine art

Shattering the standards of modernism and post-modernism, artist Jurgen, Prinz von Anhalt was the first artist in the history of art to use airplane jet as a paint brush during the 1980s.  Since then, Jet Art, has become highly admired and sought-after art pieces worldwide.  The exhibits and performances of the art has always drawn crowds of enthralled admirers.

Since Prinz von Anhalt’s passing, his wife, Tarinan von Anhalt is making headlines for the von Anhalt name.  As the first woman in the world to have stood in front of the jet stream, braving forces several times greater than hurricane winds and 500-degree heat, and the only artist trained to carry on Jet Art, Tarinan von Anhalt inherited her late husband’s legacy by further pushing the exploration of Jet Art’s vast potentials and unexpected canvases.

Standing behind the jet engine, Princess Tarinan created 50 one-of-a-kind Luxury Original denim artworks, the velocity of the engine blending the colors and melding the painting in never-before-seen ways.

Her newest design is creating colorful art on denim canvases with a completely innovative twist: The Jet Engine.  Debuted in New York’s recent Couture Fashion Week, Princess Tarinan’s vibrant and colorful line of wearable art includes the most expensive premium denims ever offered.  Also included in her collection are extravagant silk scarves rendered from Jet Art Paintings, onto the finest silk chiffon.

Princess Tarinan von Anhalt describes the collection best in her own words, “you are not buying jeans, you are collecting art.”


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