Twelve Faces of Time Book

Twelve Faces of Time

The Twelve Faces of Time book is a journey showcasing the world’s famous manufacturers of watches as they present their expertise handcraft.

This gorgeous book provides detailed insight into both the creative side, as well as the motivation behind 12 of the world’s watchmaking masters.

Twelve Faces of Time is authored by Elizabeth Doerr and Ralf Baumgarte and they offer a descriptive journey behind the 12 men, with stories and beautiful photographs.

Not only does the book provide their personal stories, but the watchmakers were interviewed in their own environments, bringing a very personal touch.

The 12 watchmakers include:
– Philippe Dufour,
– Paul Gerber
– Dr. Ludwig Oechslin
– François-Paul Journe
– Kenji Shiohara
– Kari Voutilainen
– Vianney Halter
– Beat Haldimann
– Volker Vyskocil
– Thomas Prescher
– Roger Smith
– Felix Baumgartner

There is no denying he passion of watches these men have as they speak candidly about their work.

The Twelve Faces of Time is available in large format hardback,and consists of 208 black & white, pages of visual stimulation.

Each man tells his own unique story that pulls reader deep into the inner designer and master craftsman that each man truly is.

There is an abundant amount of intriguing information, such as learning that Paul Gerber is the Guinness Book of World Record holder for both the most complicated watch, as well as the smallest wooden clock movements.

Although the book’s photos are in black & white, they are stunningly elegant. Each one is a pictorial gem, with phenomenal details.

Many of the watch close-up shots are incredible, as the inner mechanics of each watch literally jumps off the page.

Watchmaking is an age-old craft, and the 12 men presented in this book are the best as any in world today.

We learn about the unique watch processing steps, and all the critical details required to making a luxury watch. Not only is watching a skill, but also fine art.

It was a joy reading this book and learning about the lives of these brilliant men.

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