Iconic Aluminum Luggage Collection from Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber case

Zero Halliburton carbon fiber case
Zero Halliburton

Zero Halliburton has defined strength, durability and style for nearly seventy years by offering its iconic aluminum luggage collection. The luxury travel industries market is crowded with many players but put your trust in a highly respected brand like Zero Halliburton.

Zero Halliburton recently introduced a beautifully, new designed polycarbonate and nylon cases to its luggage collection.

It doesn’t matter whether a seasoned business traveler or just simply want the best for your vacation, Zero Halliburton should be your choice.

For example, the ZR-Series has an MSRP of $750 and is available in four different colors. In addition to maintaining brand identity, this premium luggage series delivers the beauty and convenience expected from Zero Halliburton.

If you are looking for a high-end briefcase, Zero Halliburton offers their Carbon Fiber model which is light in weight, yet strong on style and protection. MSRP is $2,500.


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