Hyundai Genesis Sedan – North American Car of the Year for 2009

Hyundai Genesis Sedan
Photo courtesy of: Hyundai

Hyundai’s new deluxe Genesis sedan had been named the North American Car of the Year for 2009

Selling for less than $40,000, this luxury Hyundai Genesis could easily pass as a twin for a particular German made sedan that costs twice as much money.

The Hyundai Genesis sedan, known as the 4.6 model, is named for its V-8 engine. The large engine offers a whopping 375 horse power but delivers an economical 24 mpg at an average speed of 53 mph.

The Hyundai Genesis 4.6 offers a sooth running six-speed automatic transmission plus rear-wheel drive.

The Genesis 4.6 is priced at $37,250 and has about every modern convenience a luxury drive could want. The sedan comes loaded with rain-sensing wipers, dual-zone automatic heating/cooling, a power rear sunshade in addition to tire-pressure monitors.

A few features the standard 4.6 does lack include, rear-view camera, GPS, swivel headlamps, and backup sensors. These features are of course available as moderately priced upgrades.

The 3.8 model is Hyundai’s entry-level sedan. It comes equipped with a 290hp V-6. The Genesis 3.8 lists at $32,250.

Do to the cost of a new Hyundai Genesis Sedan, some car buyers may wait for used cars to become available.

Hyundai announced the Genesis received the highest score among mid-size premium cars in the latest J.D. Power 2009 Automotive Performance Execution and Layout Study.

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