Hot Fashion Trend for Men – Chunky Scarves

Chunky Scarves for men

Men have long been ridiculed for their lack of fashion-forward dress. One trend that is on the rise for men, is wearing scarves.

Now we’re not talking about a typical woman who owns dozens of scarves in multiple colors and shapes. A single chunky scarf is the ideal men’s fashion must-have.

A “handmade” knit scarf is all a guy needs and adds a bit of flare to his cold weather look. During the colder months, select a scarf in a neutral color like oatmeal or gray.

In addition, a great men’s scarf can be styled more than a hundred different ways. One of the easiest and least fussy is to loosely wrap it over a jacket.

Another great idea is a do-it-yourself donut and wrap it multiple times to “hug” your neck. This sophisticated shape keeps you warm and gives you a little street swagger at the same time.

To add another layer to that new look, consider a pair glasses – Marc Ecko Cut & Sew’s Ghost Shears. The retro Clubmaster sun features a bold acetate top brow with metal wire rim.

The stylish sunglasses comes with lasered temples, polycarbonate lenses and the signature temple tip with laser shears logo, Ghost Shears is available in Black, Merlot and Tortoise Green Laminate.

View the style here:


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  1. Peter Mason says:

    But its Spring now! Can I wear a light cotton version, or is knitted still the way to go?