New Admiral Watch Collection by Ateliers deMonaco

Ateliers deMonaco Admiral Watch Collection

Located in Monaco, Ateliers deMonaco is a highly respected luxury watch brand. 2015 marks an important milestone for the small production, watch company, as they begin manufacturing their own in-house flyback chronograph movements.

The new in-house movements are the foundation for the new Admiral watch collection announced by Ateliers deMonaco. You will be able to view the new Watch collection at this week’s Baselworld Fair in Switzerland.

Founded in 2008, Ateliers deMonaco enables its next generation watchmakers to design and then create luxury timepieces and made of high quality. They strive to use the latest innovation and the best materials available.

The Admiral Chronograph is a limited edition, luxury watch collection of only 88 pieces of each type: either 18Kt white gold or 18Kt rose gold.

The term “Admiratus Admiratorum” which translates to “the most admired of the admired” was given during the reign of the Norman ruler Roger II (1095–1154) to his top naval commander – George of Antioch.

The patented manufacture flyback chronograph by Ateliers deMonaco measures a succession of elapsed times as well as eliminates many superfluous repetitive operations. As an example, in standard chronograph watches from other luxury brands, buttons have to be pushed three time in a row to to measure successive intervals. The first press stops the chronograph, the second to reset it to zero, and the third press starts it once again.

The creativity of the flyback function, is just a single press of the flyback” button not only stops timing the first interval, but will also reset the hand to zero. The chronograph hand starts once again as soon as button is released. That is true engineering!

Clearly the advantage of this type of mechanism is it utilizes a multi function Flyback Hammer. The Flyback Hammer is programmed to disengage the watch’s chronograph clutch wheel. Next it will engage the brake, then lastly turn both the chronograph second and minute wheel.

The admiral watch is still as popular today as ever. Pilots appreciate its accuracy and stylish looks. It’s also widely used in both racing and navigation.

If you are interested in buying the new Admiral watch collection from Ateliers deMonaco, please contact The Life of Luxury today. We can help you purchase it or any another luxury watch that you desire. Return here often to read this luxury blog and learn about other luxury watch news and product announcements.


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