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Custom Apple iPhone 7 - Legend

As move into the month of September, it’s time for anticipation to build once again. Apple typically uses September to announce the release of its latest iPhone model. The new Apple iPhone 7 could be announced at a press conference rumored to be held next week on the 7th. We may also hear about a new version of the popular Apple Watch.

Industry insiders are expecting the new Apple iPhone 7 to include an improved water-proof design and better camera system. We expect to see two sensors to produce an image that’s both more detailed and brighter. A controversial topic is whether the new iPhone will eliminate the headphone jack. I know some you are freaking out now and yelling at the top of your lungs, “No!” We know Apple includes earbuds in each box. It’s possible they may be wireless or utilize the Lightning port. The goal of this big change would be to make the iPhone case slimmer and improve making it water-proof.

If the new Apple iPhone 7 does get announced on September 7, then it’s likely orders will begin on the 16th or pushed to the 23rd. But what if you don’t want to have the latest version but not satisfied with the same cell phone that millions of others will be using? Legend has the answer. Legend has a single goal to develop and offer the most luxurious and exclusive consumer products to the world. A lofty goal but their track record has been impressive.

custom Apple iPhone 7 case - Legend

Awaiting the new Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, you can now pre-order custom versions that look like a piece of art. These customized iPhones come with the new 256GB memory format to give you all the data storage to meet your power-user needs. Your iPhone 7 smartphone can be customized in a number of different ways. Legend takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary! If you are discerning client that desires the very best, then Legend can make that happen … for a price.

When ordering, you will have a consultation with a bespoke designer at Legend. He or she will closely listen to your ideas and gauge your personality and interests. Together, a perfect custom iPhone smartphone is the desired outcome. For example, choose the stunning Classique Diamond edition. This custom iPhone 7 comes with 360 VVS1 grade diamonds weighing 10.7ct that are carefully hand-set to the bezel and Logo. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Regardless of what style you choose, the custom cell phone case features 10 microns thick gold plating. All buttons are diamond studded as a standard feature.

There are different case colors to choose from. Pick either Platinum, Rose Gold or Black Rhodium metal plating. This bling smartphone case will definitely turn heads. Your new Apple iPhone 7 phone will now really turn heads, even in a crowd.

Rather than metal plating, maybe you prefer a custom leather case? No worries. Legend offers to choices. Select either Python leather or Crocodile leather. These exotic leathers can be inlaid on the phone’s back for a truly stylish look.

Another option is the Momentum model. Like a bulls-eye, the round cut 0.6 carat Ruby center stone is beautifully surrounded with a VVS1 grade diamond halo. Wow! The center is circled with hand cut, green turban abalone and black mother of pearl inlays. The Classique model comes with a unique backlit logo. The logo is made with VVS1 grade diamonds that are all carefully placed by a talented Legend jeweler.

If you have a specific design in mind, discuss your perfect custom smartphone with your consultant. For example, a retailer in Doha wanted a custom case created. The Qatar model comes with themed engravings of Gyrfalcon, the famous Arabic Horse and Doha skyline. The frame was decorated with hand engraved ornaments.

The sky’s the limited. Let you imagination run wild. Make your new Apple iPhone 7 phone something you will cherish for years.

Contact us today and we can help you bling out your new Apple iPhone 7 smartphone. The Life of Luxury can help you locate many desirable products – luxury watches, Birkin handbags and much more! Follow our luxury blog to read about the latest luxury industry news

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