Gift Ideas for the Loving Moms Who Have Given Their All This Year

L'Essenziale jewelry

With Mother’s Day just a week away, it’s time to pay tribute to our loving moms. From the day each of us was born, our loving moms have been there. Taking care and raising us to be the best, possible person in a crazy world.

There is no doubt that moms have even more on their plate than usual recently. The Coronavirus has been stressful on us all. But our loving moms need to be appreciated. We have have been adjusting to a “new normal”, while maintaining their family’s morale in wake of everything that has been going on.

Considering the extra strain of the current times, an extra thoughtful Mother’s Day gift to lift the spirits is the least we can do. We love sharing some great gift ideas.

Whether your mom could use something to help brighten the day or to calm the nerves, we have it there. These gift ideas include some of our favorites that she can be sure to put to good use this year.


The 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

Gift Ideas for the Women Who Have Given Their All to Their Families

 Mother’s Day is the one day of the year dedicated to the woman who has quite literally given us everything. Loving moms worldwide have been put to the test these last few months. They balance just about every role under the sun, while keeping their families’ morale alive during our new normal.

As a result, no gift could ever quite be enough to show your mom just how much her perseverance during these times. Therefore, consider a thoughtful gesture on her special day. It’s the least we can do to help alleviate just some of the stress she’s likely been under.

Moms everywhere have kept busy putting everyone else’s needs first. So there’s no doubt that there are a few things she may need for herself. Hence this year, go above and beyond on Mother’s Day with gift ideas that help to brighten her day. No matter where we find ourselves come May.

She could use a little something to brighten up her space or to help calm her nerves. As a result, below we have compiled a list of thoughtful gift ideas that mom is sure to love.


For the Mom Who Could Use Some At-Home Soothing

There’s no better time to bring natural elements into the house. With an easy way to add elegance and coziness to any room, especially one you’ll likely be stuck in on Mother’s Day. Try natural, synthetic-free candles. Wndrmade, homemade in upstate New York, set out to create a 100% natural fragrance and candle brand. The company centers around this question: Is it natural, renewable, recyclable or reusable?

Wndrmade’s mission is focused on developing all-natural fragrance products with the highest quality perfumery components. Also while ensuring every part of the candle – from the vessels to the wax, and even the labels – is eco-friendly. To reinforce their commitment to sustainable practices, Wndrmade is a proud member of the “1% for the Planet” initiative. They proudly pledge one percent of annual sales to environmental causes. Treat your Mom to an elegant hand-poured candle that will brighten up her Mother’s Day.


For the Stressed Out Mom

Above, From Left to Right: Powerbank $45; No Pressure, $45; Soothe You, $45

For the mom who could stand to unwind after some of the most stressful months of her life, why not replace the cliché box of chocolates this year with a box of delicious CBD gummies? Pollen’s deliciously soothing products might just help her achieve a bit of the “me” time she so rightfully deserves.

Depending on mom’s specific needs, the gummies are available in three variations that each offer different restorative and healing affects. The Powerbank will give her an extra kick of energy to power through the day, No Pressure will melt away her everyday tensions while easing aches and pains, and Soothe You will help her clear her mind at the end of a long day.


For the Mom Who Can Use a Breath of Fresh Air

Above, From Left to Right: Bud and Blossom $69.00; Mini Phalaenopsis in Silver Ceramic $39.00

We’ve all been spending a little too much time indoors these days. So why not bring a touch of spring into the home with the gift of greenery. Therefore, consider a beautiful plant or arrangement from NYC’s beloved florist – PlantShed. They are recognized for commitment to service in the tri-state area for over 30 years.

Whether you opt for a pop of color with a beautiful bouquet or a touch of elegance with a minimal orchid, these plants can be delivered right to her door. Lastly, the flowers are sure to brighten up her sanctuary and her special day.


For the Sentimental & Stylish Mom

Above, From Left to Right: L’Essenziale “Welded Love” Bracelets, $280 – $2,900; Orecchini Giove Earrings, 263.34;

For the stylish yet sentimental mom, signature jewelry pieces from Atelier VM such as the Orecchini Giove earrings and the iconic “L’Essenziale” welded love bracelet exude elegance, while carrying a special underlying meaning that she will take with her for the rest of her life.

These minimal yet refined pieces will seamlessly fit into her everyday ensemble, eventually becoming entwined with her as more than a piece of jewelry, but a symbolic ornament she can cherish forever.

About L’Essenziale:

Since 2014, ATELIER VM has been revolutionizing the jewelry-wearing experience with the introduction of L’Essenziale. The L’Essenziale collection presents an array of 18-carat gold bracelets with no clasp in sight. They are invisibly welded on to the wrist to form an eternal strand.

A collection defined by love and connection, bonds are welded to the wrist by a golden thread. The wearer chooses the color and chain weight for the piece. As a result, they are tailor-measured and welded to their wrist in-store by an expert ATELIER VM artisan.

The addition of rigid bracelets to the core L’Essenziale offering this year presents an evolution to the core collection, and makes for a perfect addition to a layered look. The newly introduced Audace and Tota Pulchra bangles offer a unique aesthetic – bolder than the original L’Essenziale flexible chain bracelets yet subtle enough for everyday wear.

The minimal elegance of the L’Essenziale rigid melts delicately on the skin. A versatile and immutable symbol of love, L’Essenziale seals and celebrates unity in all of its gloriously diverse incarnations. It is soft, sheer, and sensual – and the memories it holds remain the wearer’s secret. Loving moms around the world will appreciate them.

ATELIER VM and L’Essenziale collections can be found at Nordstrom in Manhattan, New York as well as internationally at the brand’s two standalone retail locations in Milan, as well as via shop-in-shops at Le Bon Marche (Paris), Liberty London (UK) and Rinascente (Rome and Turin).


For Globe-Trotting Mom Who Can’t Wait to Travel Again

Above, From Left to Right: LOJEL Cubo Small, $250; Packing Cubes (Set of 6), $45; LOJEL Dry Bag, $25; LOJEL Urbo 2 Weekender, $140

CUBO Small Carry-On: For the mom currently daydreaming about her next getaway, why not prepare her for her next big trip (when it’s safe to take one) with a luggage upgrade like the functional yet stylish Cubo Small by LOJEL. She will appreciate the flat-top opening for easy access in tight spaces and expandable features that will give her the extra space to pack everything she needs.

A gift that will continue to give for her many adventures ahead, the Cubo is made with modular parts for easy repairs to keep up with her globetrotting lifestyle.

Packing Cubes: For loving moms who’s become extra conscious of hygiene post-pandemic. The Packing Cubes are a great gift that will help to not only keep her extra-organized. Plus, also extra clean – pack your essentials in cubes anywhere in the home and then place them inside the luggage. This ensures your luggage never has to go anywhere close to your bed. 

Use these to separate clean from dirty clothes, and easily clean cubes post-trip. As a result, it ensures anything that may have come along for the ride with your belongings, doesn’t linger for days and weeks after your return.

Dry Bag: Journey with versatility that adapts to your travel needs. The LOJEL dry bag uses an airtight seals and 70 denier nylon to protect your belongings from the elements. Secured with a reinforced top-roll closure system, the bag keeps contents bone dry in wet situations and contains moisture when storing wet things. Ideal for loving moms to use on rugged expeditions, beachy days, or interior luggage organization between check-ins.

Urbo 2 Weekender: The carry-all, perfected. For the mom who may be looking to substitute longer international trips with shorter weekend escapes, the Urbo 2 is the lightest most versatile carry-on. LOJEL’s Urbo 2 bags are crafted from premium material that’s incredibly strong and durable. Exterior straps slide onto any luggage handle for easy pairing, and pockets are thoughtfully designed for real life.


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We hope you enjoyed these special gifts for our loving moms on Mother’s Day. Return again to follow this luxury blog. We love sharing the besty luxury gifts for all occasions.


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