The Dubai Mall – World’s Largest, Luxury Shopping Mall

Grand Mall - Dubai, UAE

Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) did it again several years ago when they opened the world’s largest, luxury shopping mall – The Dubai Mall.

The Dubai Mall is currently undergoing a large expansion project with management shooting for a goal of 100 million annual visitors to this mega mall in the Middle East.

The Dubai Mall is definitely the most luxurious shopping center found anywhere. The huge shopping mall is located in Dubai City Luxury Homes. It has something for everyone including well over 1,000 luxury stores and shops, an indoor aquarium, Olympic size ice rink, plus even a Roller Coaster.

The spot on slogan of the Dubai Mall is “Everything You Desire” and it’s true. The ultimate in luxury shopping.

This video includes footage of the actual construction of the mega mall plus a tour of various shops and attractions. It’s a project of enormous scale that is sure to amaze everyone that has the chance to visit and shop there.

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