From Ashes to Diamonds – A Cremation Diamond Really Does Exist

Cremation Diamond

Based on a diamond survey conducted earlier this year, some interesting observations and trends were identified. One example, is the awareness of a cremation diamond.

A cremation diamond is an incredibly powerful tool that people can use to help navigate through both grieving process and speed up healing. Unfortunately, this touchy topic rarely is discussed. Asa result, there are many common misconceptions about the unique gemstones. In fact, most people do not even know cremation diamonds actually exist.

Diamonds have a long-standing reputation of being a luxury purchase exclusively for special occasions. But a surprising number of people buy diamond jewelry each year. Why is that? Well, it is because the beauty and allure of owning a piece of diamond jewelry is so desirable. In fact, over five million people in the U.S. spend over $2,000 on diamond jewelry per year.

The diamond survey revealed that 31% of adults in the United States have purchased diamond jewelry at least once over the past five years. Interestingly, most people spent under $1,000 (15% of everyone surveyed). The $1,001-$10,000 category represents 14% of everyone surveyed. However, 2% of those surveyed went all out. As a result, they spent greater than $10,000 on diamond jewelry over the past five years.

77% of Survey Respondents Don’t Know That Ashes Can Be Turned into Real Diamonds

Turning diamonds into ashes is something of a taboo subject. Hence, very few people actually know it is even possible. As a result, the survey results discovered only 23% of people are aware of the existence of a cremation diamond.

Almost Six Million Americans Believe Lab-Grown Diamonds are superior to Mined Diamonds

As lab-grown diamonds become ever more popular, views about them are changing for the better. 11% of people surveyed believe lab-grown diamonds are more sustainable, compared to mined diamonds. Also, 13% believe lab-grown diamonds are a more affordable option.

Continuing, greater than half the people surveyed (57%) didn’t believe there was any difference in price or quality between the two types of gemstone. This shows that lab-grown and mined diamonds are essentially identical. I’m sure that is quite surprising for most readers.

Almost 25% of Respondents Think Lab-Grown Diamonds Will Take Over Mined Diamonds

As people learn more about lab-grown diamonds, a high percentage of shoppers will choose them as the cheaper option. In addition, they will be considered more sustainable and more ethical. This will depend if buyers will ultimately view them superior to mined diamonds.

Nearly 1 in Every 3 Respondents Think Diamonds from Human Ashes are “Creepy”

Since diamonds made from ashes aren’t common knowledge, they are not openly spoken about. Therefore, many people simply have the wrong idea about the unique type of memorial jewelry. Many do view a diamond made from the ashes of a loved one, as a precious and beautiful thing. Alternatively a large number of people find the topic both dark and creepy. Not a surprise at all.

About 33% feel the notion of a cremation diamond was gross and weird. However, 22% of people thought that ashes made from diamonds were a good idea. In fact, people will indeed purchase one if it was cheaper. Another factor if they are more sustainable. Last, there is the comfort factor and whether a buyer can be certain it is a true diamond.

Are you interested in learning more or even buying a cremation diamond? Please contact us today. We work with many, luxury diamond jewelry companies and can assist with your purchase.

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