Blancpain Introduces New X FATHOMS watch in Dubai

Blancpain X FATHOMS luxury concept watch
Blancpain X FATHOMS watch

Luxury watchmaker found an incredible way to launch their new watch release. In Dubai, Blancpain presented the luxury watch brand’s newest luxury watch – the X FATHOMS.

The X FATHOMS watch was introduce by CEO Marc A. Hayek along with champion freediver, GIANLUCA GENONI, who holds more than 15 free-diving records.

Blancpain, the world’s oldest watch brand, has been heralded for its aesthetic and technological know-how for since its creation in 1735. Founded by Jehan-Jaques Blancpain, ultra luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Blancpain is known and respected for being the creator of some of the most complicated mechanical watches ever created in history.

The X Fathoms is a world premiere concept watch, the “most extreme” watch Blancpain has ever produced.

The new brand watch features a unique mechanical system and was cleverly immersed in the biggest aquarium of the world at the biggest mall in the world, the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Mall at the Dubai Zoo.

Mr. Hayek and Mr. Genoni were also submerged underwater in an amazing display that combined engineering and human resistance …. plus pure, genius marketing!


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