Four Seasons Explorer – Discover the Islands of the Maldives

Four Seasons Explorer luxury catamaran
Four Seasons Explorer luxury catamaran

Now you can experience a unique way to see the magical islands of the Maldives.

The incredible Four Seasons Explorer is a luxurious 39 meter catamaran, offering you the opportunity to experience and explore the islands of Maldives.

The three-deck, luxury catamaran – Four Seasons Explorer – is back for the summer season in the Maldives, offering passengers the unique opportunity to experience remote locations and dive sites in the atolls that can only be accessed from the ship’s cruise routes.

Enjoy deep sea dives that immerse you in marine life, be treated to a relaxing massage on a secluded beach, or be engulfed in a local culture that’s rich in history and tradition.

We’ve put together a list of five fun things you can enjoy while traveling on the Four Seasons Explorer luxury catamaran:

Customized Cruise – Sail around the islands in your own floating Resort by chartering a private cruise on the Four Seasons Explorer. Guests can design a custom cruise adventure for any occasion for up to 22 people. Every aspect of the cruise itinerary can be designed to meet the guests’ interests whether it’s surfing, diving, or island hopping. Menus aboard the Explorer can also be tailored creating a completely bespoke experience.

Water Adventures – Sea adventures aren’t limited to snorkeling or scuba diving aboard The Explorer. Avid sport enthusiasts seeking a thrill will find practically every water sport imaginable available. Whether venturing out to challenge the waves by wakeboarding, or spending the afternoon tubing in the crystal clear waters, new adventures await guests everyday.

Deep Sea Dive – Dive by a different light with the Four Seasons Explorer’s exclusive night dives. Mingle with manta rays, whale sharks, and other marine life as dive instructors take take scuba divers to explore untouched reefs, thilas, and wrecks. The Explorer’s Resident Marine Biologist also supplies guests with a wealth of knowledge about the unique sea creatures spotted on the dives offering a well-rounded educational dive experience.

Pop Up Spa – Spa time isn’t sacrificed with a cruise on The Explorer. Relax on a peaceful and isolated stretch of sand during one of the ship’s many stops to isolated islands. A Four Seasons Explorer resident spa therapist offers natural therapies inspired by Asia’s ancient healing principles. Available treatments include an Indian herbal-oil massage or a hydrating and refreshing sun-soother wrap, with fresh aloe vera and toning lavender mist.

Live Among the Locals – Venture beyond the ship’s borders and mingle with local Maldivians for an authentic island experience. With stops to local villages, the Four Seasons Explorer gives guests the chance to experience Maldivian culture first-hand. Visits to remote towns including Bodu Huraa allow the chance to see landmarks such as a local mosque, and purchase custom made handicrafts and souvenirs from local artists.


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