Magnificent Maldives


The Maldives is an archipelago of over one thousand islands grouped into twenty six coral atolls. They entail over two hundred islands that are inhabited with people, and another eighty that are solely tourist resorts.

The Maldives lies in the Indian Ocean south-southwest of India and is considered a part of Southern Asia.

Maldives is a well-liked spot for people going on their honeymoon. Other than enjoying your honeymoon, the primary activity you can try on the island is scuba diving.

The atolls are all coral reefs that are hundreds of miles from any land mass. This allows you to spot many underwater sharks and manta rays. The finest scuba diving can be experienced away from the central island of Male. The further you get from the inner atolls, the clearer the waters.

The water currents around the Maldives fluctuate. The water currents are normally minimal in the atolls. But the areas which face the open ocean can truly have strong currents. The water temperature is fairly warm.

The local Maldives fare includes fish, mainly tuna. It is especially South Indian and Sri Lankan in nature. The fare is hot and spicy, with a lot of coconut. They generally use few vegetables. Meals primarily have rice, fish broth and side dishes of onions, chili, and lime. There are also several types of curries and bread.

The Maldives is a stunning place to spend your next vacation.  It offers many fabulous islands and striking dive spots.


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