A Romantic Journey Down the Göta Canal

Gota Canal - Sweden

Since 1869, the Göta Canal is a place where the North Sea joins the Baltic is a waterway that takes one through a journey across Swedish history.

Take a leisurely cruise down the Gota Canal, which is one of the world’s most impressive waterways, stretching across Sweden, linking Göteborg (Gothenburg) in the west and Stockholm in the east.

The impressive Göta, nicknamed the “divorce ditch”, is a canal route that passes the archipelagos of thousands of islands and through 66 locks. The canal earned this nickname from the troubles that couples endured while trying to navigate the many locks by themselves.

This turned into an opportunity for the Göta Canal Steamship Company, who now offers old-fashioned extravagance aboard one of their three elegant steamers.

Your journey can vary in length. You can choose from a one-night ‘taster’ or spend a full week meandering down the Gota Canal.

There are many memorable sites along the way, which includes several stops en route. You will cruise past fortress ruins, medieval cloister, Royal Palaces, 12th century churches, picturesque hamlets and lush Swedish forests.

Göta Canal is member of the Romantik Hotels and Restaurants, and offers some of the finest cuisine in all of Sweden.

Food menus are based on fresh ingredients from local suppliers all along the canal route. Since food without wine is like a boat without an anchor, a sommelier will be onboard the ship to recommend the best wine to sip while enjoying your cruise and watching the sun set on deck.


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