For Sale: Stunning 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada

1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada

Definitely, the Lamborghini Espada is one of Lamborghini’s most unique automobiles. Now you can own a 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada. The Espada was built between 1968 to 1978 and designed by Marcello Gandini, from the Italian automobile company – Bertone. The 4-seat grand touring coupe drew inspiration from the Lamborghini Marzal and Bertone Pirana, two concept cars that he built in 1967.

The Espada was available in three different series. It was powered by a 3.9L V12 and paired with either a 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 3-speed automatic transmission. The Lamborghini Espada’s engine put out either 325 hp or 350 hp.

Lamborghini Espada Series III

The Lamborghini Espada Series III featured a redesigned aluminum-trimmed instrument panel. Plus, five-stud wheels instead of knock-offs, a square mesh grille, new taillights, and an optional sunroof. The Series III cars saw US-required changes starting in 1975. Those include large impact bumpers, a secondary air injection pump. As well as specially-tuned carburetors and ignition system. A total of only 1,217 Espadas were ever produced in the model’s ten-year lifespan.

1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada - front

The 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada Chassis #9612, is a two-owner example of a Series III Espada. It has a strikingly unique pink paint job. The white Connolly leather interior contrasts by pink Wilton wool carpets and 15” five-lug Campagnolo wheels. This stunning luxury car was initially green and was sold by Grossman Motor Car Corp. in West Nyack, New York.

The window sticker shows it being delivered with power steering and an automatic transmission as options. However, this appears to be a clerical error as we have confirmed with the original owner that the car was never fitted with an automatic transmission and was delivered new with the 5-Speed manual transmission.

Original Car Owner

The original owner, Lorrie Stern, received the Espada from her husband, Stanley. The two are huge fans of Italian cars and would frequently window shop at Bob Grossman’s dealership in Nyack, N.Y. The Espada, then wearing its factory green color, was one of the cars the couple eyed whenever they passed by.

After a few trips, her husband agreed to buy it as a Christmas present. The couple traded Ms. Stern’s Fiat 124 Spider in for the wedge-shaped Bertone Lamborghini supercar. Sadly, the odometer stopped working once it hit 98,800 miles. But Ms. Stern says it crossed the 100,000 miles mark long ago. It likely has just over 110,000 miles.

Pink Lamborghini

Ms. Stern gave the Pink Lamborghini Espada its signature pink coat in 1979. The pink color matched the kitchen in her Long Island home. In addition, she also believed better showed off the car’s body lines.

So why is the stunning 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada so special? The car was owned for almost 40 years. Of course, the groovy pink color. Lastly, this luxury car features a re-built engine by a noted specialist. The overall condition of the car is very nice. It has obviously always been stored well and looked after.

1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada - interior

Although well-driven, the car was taken care. Lamborghini’s 4-seat grand tourer comes with a freshly rebuilt, screaming V12 engine. This 1970’s icon will bring its future owner as much excitement as comfort. For example, the unique paint job and backstory earned it numerous features on news websites like The Drive, MotorTrend, and even The New York Times. In conclusion, all of these details make this Espada a certified head-turner at any classic car event or simply rolling down the boulevard in style.

Upon purchase, the new Pink Lamborghini Espada owner will receive spare floor mats, the original toolkit, jack and original manual. As well as the car’s custom New York license plates and numerous service records.

The 1974 Pink Lamborghini Espada is currently for sale, with an asking price of $166,000. If interested, please contact us ASAP as this luxury supercar won’t last long.

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