Flowers Wilt, Chocolates Melt, Glassybaby Forever

Courtesy of: glassybaby

You ask what is glassybaby? It was referenced in my article last week Earth Hour.

Well the company glassybaby, makes a product called a “glassybaby” – hand blown glass votive candle holders that come in a wide variety of stunning colors.

Glassybaby first began in 1998. Back then, Lee Rhodes, who is a mother of three, sadly learned that she had developed lung cancer. Lee purchased for her husband at the time, Emery Rhodes, glassblowing lessons as a stress-reliever.

It didn’t take long for the hobby to begin to proliferate and their garage began to see the beautiful candle holders starting to stack up.

Lee Rhodes began to sell them to her friends. Out of the kindness of her heart, Lee donated the proceeds to charities that supported local cancer patients.

The idea for glassybaby was born, as well as the glassybaby brand: to live in harmony with the earth and goodwill for all.


Lee is now owner of glassybaby, as well as a three time cancer survivor. She started the company with a hope of giving back to cancer charities and also inspire others during their own personal battles.

These colorful votives have definitely touched many people in a very profound way. Lee’s caring heart has allowed her company to donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to cancer and other charities.

As Easter nears, please consider giving a glassybaby to a friend or family member.

They make for a wonderful gift and now come in more than 300 colors. A few of the catchy names include, Easter, Peony, Lavender, Periwinkle, Key Lime, and Sunshine.

For those in the Seattle area, there are three stores to visit. The company also operates one in New York City at 555 Hudson.

You can also purchase them online at: glassybaby

Selling for $40, each glassybaby is lead free and comes in storage- and environmentally-friendly packaging.


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