Fine Cigars and Accessories From Nat Sherman

Fine cigars

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As Valentine’s Day nears, many women struggle to find a perfect gift for their husband, boyfriend or significant other.  For a cigar aficionado in your life, we present several cigar related gifts.

For Valentine’s Day, Nat Sherman, Tobacconist to the World since 1930, offers an ideal selection of fine cigars and accessories to show your love and affection with a memorable gift.

You can find all of these accessories on the Nat Sherman website.

For the one who takes pride and passion in every aspect of the cigar smoking experience, the XIKAR VX Gunmetal Cutter is a wonderful choice ($50.00). This cutter’s gunmetal body houses an inverted blade that produces a clean cut every time.

A true cigar aficionado understands that the perfect lighter leads to the perfect cigar. Treat your loved one with the ST Dupont Line 2 Windsor Lighter ($1,400.00). Inspired by the famous Windsor Collection of the 1950’s (which was itself inspired by the Duke), this lighter offers a unique and elegant combination of Chinese lacquer and palladium.

No cigar experience is complete without a drink to compliment the cigar and vice versa. Give the one you love the 6 oz Exotic Wood Padauk Flask from Brizard and Co. so that he can enjoy his favorite spirit wherever, and whenever ($85.00). This flask features Padauk wood wrapped around its stainless steel frame. Padauk wood is valued for its toughness and decorative appeal, making it a gift that will last the ages.

Whether your loved one enjoys a medium-bold or rich and complex cigar, Nat Sherman’s diverse collection has an option to please any palate. For a medium-bold strength and flavor choose a box of the Gotham Eastside Cigars (from $191.00 – $228.00 per box). If he prefers a more rich, complex and earthy flavor, a box from The Bench Collection is a just the right option (from $154.00 – $178.25 per box).


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