Ciroc Vodka

Cîroc vodka is a brand of distilled beverage manufactured in France. It is claimed by the drink’s promoters that it is distinguished by the fact that it is derived from grapes, in contrast to corn, sorghum, rye, wheat, or potatoes that are more commonly used. In France it can be legally considered vodka, but the same cannot be said about the drink in the US.

Last year, oc Vodka and Sean “Diddy” Combs created a powerful strategic alliance. The 50-50 joint venture with Diageo, the spirits giant, for Mr. Combs to be the brand manager of the Ciroc vodka line.

Mr. Combs says he made the profit-sharing deal only after refusing to work solely as a pitchman.“My brand is rocket fuel. It would take this brand 10 years to get to where I can take it in one year,” he says. “I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t want to do just endorsements. I want ownership.”

Endorsement deals are an excellent way for celebrities to make extra money. Increasingly they seem to be getting the endorsers in trouble because deals usually come with a certain level of brand loyalty.

The latest in the hot seat is P. Diddy. Several sources have reported that Diddy has been seen drinking the pricey 1800 tequila. News like this typically wouldn’t be a big issue but P. Diddy has received $100 million to be the brand builder for Ciroc.

Eurweb reports that he has issued a press release saying that he’s given up “champagne and tequila” and that his PR folks say that the reports of his tequila swilling are false. The NY Post reported just a couple of weeks ago that he was seen drinking Malibu rum and pineapple cocktails, which he also denied.


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