Take A Hint – HINT Essence Water is Tops With Celebrities

HINT Water

It’s no secret that HINT is the drink of choice for many celebrities. Take a “Hint” from many celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Blake Lively and Jennifer Love Hewitt who sip HINT Flavored Water to quench their thirst without the carbs, calories, sugar or sodium.

With thirteen delicious flavors, this simple, healthy, light and delicious beverage is a great way to start off a new year … including to help take care of that hangover! Additional celebrity fans include: Kellan Lutz, Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad and so many more!

HINT was launched in 2005 and was developed in response to the growing onslaught of sugary juices and sodas.

The driving force behind Hint is Kara Goldin who is both the founder and CEO. Kara is a mother of four and her initial purpose was to develop a refreshing, unsweetened and no calorie beverage to give to her own family.

The Hint slogan is – “Drink Water, Not Sugar.” The primary message is quite simple, offer a great tasting water without all the unnecessary additives.

Kara Goldin stated, “Hint is changing the beverage environment by demonstrating that ‘all natural’ and ‘best tasting’ go hand in hand.”

Goldin continued, “It’s all about simple great tasting choices. Consumers are tired of complicated functional claims and they don’t want to worry about preservatives and other artificial ingredients. They want a simple drink that tastes good.”

HINT Water

The fresh taste of HINT water helps drinkers stay hydrated and healthy, while helping avoid the empty calories and over abundance of sodium in today’s many diet drinks.

At the recent Jingle Ball 2009 concert hosted by Z100 in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on December 11th, many of the performers were enjoying their favorite flavor of HINT backstage.

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