Explore Ecuador by Sea on the 128-Foot Private Yacht – M/S Wayra

New Kontiki M/S Wayra luxury yacht - charter a private yacht

Starting this month, Kontiki Expeditions introduces a safe and distinctive vacation alternative for exploring Ecuador by sea. The M/S Wayra is an amazing 128-foot private, luxury yacht. This luxury yacht will set forth on an exploration of the seldom-visited Ecuadorian coast. Thus, allowing for a rich cultural adventure and exclusive voyage. In addition, the voyage will adhere to a “neo luxury philosophy” of sustainability and giving back to communities visited.

The new M/S Wayra yacht is available for charter for up to 18 guests. There are nine luxurious staterooms. Plus, find a wealth of onboard amenities to enjoy during your excursion at sea. Kontiki Expeditions is proud to the first water-based member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Kontiki Expeditions are truly pioneers in conscious luxury travel. Therefore, they offer immersive and sustainable small-yacht expeditions. Enjoy a luxury vacation by sailing the untouristed Ecuadorian coast. The luxurious nine-stateroom Kontiki yachts introduce a maximum of 18 guests to fully enjoy the richesse of both the land and sea.

Guests can expect personalized service throughout the voyage. From a handcrafted cocktail to a bespoke excursion. Then to the final turndown at the end of a memorable day. Hence, a personalized itinerary allows for new experiences to meet guests’ interests in wellness, relaxation, gastronomy, adventure and more.

The M/S Wayra on-board crew includes a local chef, naturalist and wellness experts. Take the time to try these multi-stop itineraries. For example, snorkeling, hiking and meetings with locals. Also, experience in-depth cultural explorations, wellness activities and gastronomy.

Seven Reasons to Charter the Private Kontiki M/S Wayra Luxury Yahct:

1) Experience the freedom of an uncrowded, customized vacation. Leave the crowds and travel with your own “bubble” in your own private setting. An itinerary customized around your personal interests leads to new discoveries and lasting memories, all created “your way.”

2) Experience the pampering of a dedicated crew. The nearly 1:1 crew: guest ratio, combined with Kontiki’s intimate yacht atmosphere, ensures a high level of care and attention. They unpack your luggage and  keep your stateroom immaculate. In addition, they cook gourmet meals to your taste, and customizing the holiday experience down to the tiniest detail. As a result, it is all part of the personalized, luxury yacht charter experience.

3) Safety and attention are paramount on a private yacht. Your  your every concern is attended to. Health precautions are paramount for Kontiki Expeditions. The small group size allows for advance counsel and adherence to health protocols before boarding, on land and at sea. The Safe Travels accreditation by WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) has been achieved for all sailings.

4) Size makes a difference. Inaccessible to larger ships, Kontiki Expeditions docks in remote ports. Here, locals invite you to share their rich culture, cuisine and indigenous flora and fauna. Island and inland areas are yours to explore. Discover blue-footed boobies and howler monkeys. Also, view silver rays, cuzumbos and hummingbirds abound.

5) Adherence to sustainability is a guarantee when size is controlled. Smaller vessels eliminate over-tourism. Thus, this allows navigation without disruption to the sensitive Ecuadorian waters and ecosystems. Environmental protection guidelines are strictly followed on Kontiki’s small yacht. In addition, they give back to the communities visited, as a priority.

6) Immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian culture. Under the tutelage of your own crew and guides, enjoy the pace that you determine.

7) Importantly, privacy, luxury and safety ensure a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Lastly, it is the ultimate goal of a memorable vacation or holiday.

The Life of Luxury can help plan and book your next luxury vacation. We can offer you a luxury experience and access to countries all around the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the M/S Wayra private luxury yacht from Kontiki Expeditions. Return soon and follow our popular, online luxury magazine.

Photo: Kontiki Expeditions


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