Highest Parafoil Flight World Record Broken by World View

World View - Highest Parafoil Flight World Record Broken

Ever dream of traveling to the edge of space? Well now you can with World View. The commercial balloon spaceflight company, is offering private citizens a way of pioneering a new era of discovery at the edge of space. How cool is that?

World View currently offers unmanned commercial opportunities that reach an altitude limit of 130,000 feet. What is exciting is the company is now taking reservations for both manned flights and even private tours.

On June 18, World View launched a flight from Roswell International Air in Utah. The flight had a duration of 5 hours and was successful in completing a scaled test flight of its high-altitude balloon spaceflight system. The flight had even more significance as it also broke the world record for highest parafoil flight.

The goal of World View is by 2016, to have customers float up to the edge of space for an incredible two-hour sailing-like experience. Be taken away in a luxury, pressurized capsule that’s transported by a parafoil plus high-altitude balloon. In addition to private citizens enjoying the flight, it’s the ideal way to reach near-space environment for researchers, educators, private companies and even government agencies.

The flight conducted on June 18 tested several critical components needed for consumer flights. In addition, stunning imagery of the earth were captured.

To break the prior world record for Highest Parafoil Flight, the vehicle first rose up to an altitude of around 120,000 feet high. Next it backed down to about the 50,000 feet level. The parafoil was next deployed and began capturing data to help map the aerodynamic behavior of a parafoil while it was flying from the stratosphere.

The flight tested several essential components for consumer flights and captured breathtaking imagery of the view that will be afforded to Voyagers in 2016. The four primary areas that were tested include: Launch & Ground Operations, Redundant Landing System, Parafoil Aerodynamics and Precision Guided Landing.

This record breaking test flight also was the first voyage of World View’s Tycho vehicle. Tycho is a reusable commercial craft that allows research opportunities to be conducted in various fields, such as – surveillance, communications, first response, remote sensing plus micro-sat payload delivery.

If this has always been your dream then the time is now. World View is taking reservations for manned flights and private tours. Unmanned commercial opportunities up 130,000 feet are available today.

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If being part of an incredible journey to the edge of space is your wish, then please contact The Life of Luxury and we can assist with your inquiry and reservations with World View. Do you enjoy reading stories like this? Come back often and follow this luxury blog.


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