Experience Fabulous Monteverde in Tropical Costa Rica

Monteverde Rainforest

Monteverde, Costa Rica has quickly become a hot spot for tourists for obvious reasons. The small village is located in the mountains and every direction offers incredible views. You will find there are many tour possibilities in Monteverde.

One of the most thrilling tours you can experience while in Monteverde is zip lining over the canopy. They strap you to a cable and let you loose, to zip through the air, at extreme heights to see the canopy from a different angle. Add that and adrenaline together and you have a great combination.

If adrenaline isn’t what you’re seeking, maybe try walking on the suspended bridges to see the views above the cloud forest. Selvatura one company that offers the bridges. There, you can also spend time in the hummingbird garden. Experience the beauty of all the different species and let them come within inches of you.

Costa Rica is a very diverse country and every area offers different flora and fauna. When in Monteverde, hike in one of the reserves. If you are lucky you might see toucans, monkeys or a sloth.

There are guides available for hire at each reserve. Some enjoy having a guide along so they can learn more about the plants and trees while having someone identify the animals. The guides have training in spotting animals that most can never see.

Another great thing to do in Monteverde is visiting the frog pond. You can see the Poison Dart Frog and the Red Eyed Tree Frog. Overall there are 28 species represented inside.

For those who enjoy everything outdoors, try horseback riding with the company La Estrella. You can spend an hour, an afternoon or the day riding through the forest. The trails wind along the tops of the mountains. Be sure to watch the sunset over the Gulf of Nicoya.

When you are ready to eat make sure to try a local Costa Rican dish like a casado. A local spot is Donde Henry or try out Don Juan or Morphos. If you enjoy pastries, please visit Stellas Bakery for desert.

And the place to lay your head is a place literally in the trees. Hidden Canopy Tree House Hotel has four tree houses available. Treat yourself to their waterfall showers and be sure to catch the sunset on the patio.


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