The Rare Kermode Sea Bear of British Columbia – Canada

The Rare Kermode Sea Bear of British Columbia - Canada
Photo: King Pacific Lodge

The only place on earth to find the rare, Kermode sea bear is in the ancient Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, Canada. The Kermode sea bear has long been renowned as an omen of peace and harmony; a rare flash of pure white in a vast blanket of lush green terrain.

You may recognize the Kermode sea bear as the official mascot of the recent 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. A rare Kermode sea Bear lives within the 25,000-square-mile Great Bear Rainforest.

The Gitgaâ™at First Nations community lives along the beautiful British Columbia’s Northwest coast. To them, the Kermode or more commonly known as the Spirit Bear, serves as a reminder from the creator of the universe of the harsh conditions of the previous ice age.

The Kermode bear is reported to be one of the rarest animals in the world. Sadly it’s estimated that only approximately 100 Kermode bears may be alive today.

For the opportunity to see rare Kermode bear and everything that B.C. (British Columbia) has to offer, consider a visit to this magnificent place.

Whale of an Experience: King Pacific Lodge will again offer its Whale of an Experience program next summer season. The unique activity provides guests the opportunity to participate first-hand in the whale research being professionally conducted in Barnard Harbor and the surrounding waters by lodge partner, Cetacealab.

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The King Pacific Lodge was the first private tourism operator to sign a working protocol with a First Nation in British Columbia thereby recognizing their rights and title to their traditional territory. Since then, the Gitgaâ™ at Nation and King Pacific Lodge have worked together on a wide variety of programs including a student mentoring program, joint educational initiatives and hospitality training.


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