Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui

Kapalua Bay beach has been routinely listed in the top ten beaches in the world.

The sand and water are great, and what’s below the water is also fantastic! Snorkeling is terrific or you can enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach. The coral and marine fish were beautiful.

The beach cove that fronts the Kapalua Bay hotel is the stuff of dreams: a golden crescent bordered by two palm-studded points. The sandy bottom slopes gently to deep water at the bay mouth; the water is so clear that you can see where the gold sands turn to green and then deep blue.

Protected from strong winds and currents by the lava-rock promontories, Kapalua’s calm waters are great for snorkelers and swimmers of all ages and abilities, and the bay is big enough to paddle a kayak around without getting into the more challenging channel that separates Maui from Molokai.

Waves come in just right for riding. Fish hang out by the rocks, making it great for snorkeling.


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