Enjoy A “White Kili Christmas” – Kilimanjaro Hike on Christmas Eve

Mt. Kilimanjaro hike

If climbing mighty Kilimanjaro in Africa is on your ever growing Bucket List, then make it even more memorable with a Kilimanjaro hike on Christmas Eve.

Kilimanjaro is quite impressive. Composed of three volcanic cones, it’s the highest mountain in Africa. Located in Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, Kilimanjaro is 5,895 meters tall or 19,341 feet.

Tusker Trail is a world-class adventure travel company and will lead an incredible, Kilimanjaro hike. It’s an opportunity to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro on Christmas Eve 2013.

Kilimanjaro is a huge, dormant volcanic mountain and surprising to many – the world’s highest free-standing mountain. What a wonderful chance to reach its summit and possibly enjoy “White Kili Christmas.”

The 13-day climb traverses the Lemosho Route and the final reward is waking up the next morning on Christmas Day, at Crater Camp.

Lemosho Route is one of their most popular routes used by Tusker Trail. It consists of a longer itinerary, but advantage is it provides climbers the chance to acclimatize more easily to the mountain altitude. The additional climbing time increases the chances that each traveler actually summits the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Another advantage is that Lemosho offers one of the more scenic routes up Kilimanjaro. In addition, it doesn’t require a midnight summit climb.

The Kilimanjaro hike features 10 days of climbing through some of the most pristine and diverse terrain in the world, delicious food, and expert guides from Tusker Trail.

Eddie Frank is the Founder and Owner of Tusker Trail and has been expertly leading treks up Kilimanjaro for more than 37 years. With 48 completed Kilimanjaro climbs, Eddie Frank has cemented Tusker Trail’s reputation as the top climbing outfitter on Kilimanjaro.

With their expertise and experience, Tusker Trail boasts an impressive Kilimanjaro hike summit rate of 99%. That result is more than twice the average on the mighty mountain.

For those worried about unforeseen medical issues, don’t. The Tusker Trail team is top notch. Their unparalleled Kilimanjaro climbing experience plus medically-trained mountain guides are well trained to handle high altitude emergencies. Their guides also have the most extensive medical training in the hiking business.

The Christmas Kili climb is scheduled to depart on December 15th, 2013. The Kilimanjaro hike package price is $5,190 per person.

If that particular date doesn’t fit your schedule, there are additional Kilimanjaro hike climbing dates available.

To experience the opportunity of a lifetime, make your Kilimanjaro hike plans now. To make your travel reservations or learn more, please contact The Life of Luxury.


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