Aquariums Splendor at the Silverton Hotel

Silverton Hotel Aquarium

Silverton Hotel & Casino boasts several aquariums including the main tank which includes a 117,000 gallon artificial reef home to more than 4,000 tropical fish, 3 species of stingrays and 3 species of sharks.

The massive tank is octagonal in shape. You can easily walk all the way around it and view the marine life from every angle.

Silverton aquarium holds underwater shows where a marine biologist dives into the aquarium and communicates through the mask to the audience, and following with a question and answer session.

There’s an additional show offering a mermaid-themed performance. The best part is both shows are free.

Guests can also find several smaller saltwater and freshwater tanks around the Silverton Hotel casino.

Silverton Hotel
3333 Blue Diamond Rd.
Las Vegas NV 89139
Phone: (702) 236-7777


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