Enjoy Watsu Massage Therapy Treatment at The Spa at Grove Isle

The Spa at Grove Isle - Watsu massage
The Spa at Grove Isle – Watsu massage

For an incredible total body experience, try the Watsu massage therapy treatment at The Spa at Grove Isle in Florida.

What is Watsu? Water + shiatsu = Watsu. This exclusive treatment can only be found at eight locations in the Eastern seaboard.

Watsu is an extremely soothing massage that takes place in a waist-deep pool with warmth set to match your body’s temperature. Watsu massages are extremely beneficial for spinal column relief – unparalleled therapy that cannot be achieved on land.

The practice of Watsu was developed to apply Zen Shiatsu ancient Chinese pressure-point therapy to release blockage along the body’s meridians while floating in the arms of a therapist as they massage muscles, mobilize joints, stretch tissues and open energy pathways.

At Florida’s luxury The Spa at Grove Isle in Coconut Grove, Watsu therapy treatment is administered in a secluded outdoor pool with Miami’s lush scenery and a Roman waterfall as your backdrop.

Small floating devices are placed on your feet – to assist with buoyancy – and during Watsu, the therapist cradles your body with one arm supporting your knees and the other arm supporting your back, while one of your arms is wrapped around the therapist’s back, the other freely floats.

The therapist then whirls you through the water, an action that takes your body through a series of passive stretches and twists.

Watsu’s soothing stretches have a therapeutic effect on the body. The massage creates an incomparable effect on your spinal column, as the buoyancy and support of the water allows the spinal column to be moved in ways that are not achievable on land.

The cost for a 50 minute session is $150 or for 80 minutes, it’s $185.

To learn more about Watsu and the many benefits of receiving Watsu treatment, please go to: http://www.groveisle.com/spa.html


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