Cruise the Mighty Mississippi River on the American Queen Steamboat

American Queen Steamboat - world's largest

Combining modern amenities with authentic Victorian opulence as you traverse the Mississippi River, the American Queen Steamboat Company operates the largest steamboat ever built and certainly the most luxurious – the American Queen.

The American Queen from the American Queen Steamboat Company © is the largest paddlewheel boat offering overnight accommodations across the heartland of the United States.

From the works of famous author Mark Twain, to Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner, the romantic imagery of the Mississippi River and the mighty steamboats that once traversed her flowing waters have become an ingrained part of how we view the mighty river.

Today, this imagery of the Mississippi River is all but gone, with the exception of a few ships that fall more into the category of floating museums than truly, operational luxury cruisers.

Undeniably grand
Recently rescued from retirement by The Great American Steamboat Co. to the tune of around 15 million dollars, the American Queen has now seen a further six million dollars invested for restoration and renovation costs. Trumpeted as “the only authentic overnight paddlewheel steamboat in America”, certain is that the American Queen is unquestionably the largest and grandest steamboat in operation today.

Old-world aesthetic and entertainment
Styled like an antebellum era Victorian mansion, the luxurious American Queen dazzles with the luxurious interior design, and period correct furniture and antiques that glorified the famous steamers that inspired her creation. A wide variety of themed tours are available ranging from blues BBQ adventures to a trip that follows in the footsteps of Elvis Presley as he made his way through Ohio and Tennessee. Traditional showboat entertainment is paired with big band music and swing dancing in the two-deck tall Grand Saloon, and onshore excursions throughout your trip give guests the opportunity to experience the culture, cuisine and history surrounding the Mississippi river like they’ve never seen before.

Despite the American Queen’s elegant upper-class decoration and atmosphere, the dress code onboard requires only elegant-casual attire. In true Victorian fashion, the most exclusive and luxurious suites feature an attached veranda from which to enjoy a tea or cocktail while soaking in the panoramic river view. Antique fittings and furniture complete the ambiance of nostalgic old-world luxury offering guests an experience that’s tough to top.

For additional information about the American Queen and their themed steamboat trips down the mighty Mississippi River, please contact a luxury travel concierge member at The Life of Luxury.


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