Enjoy The World’s Most Expensive Seafood Hamper

Seafood platter
Courtesy of: The Fish Society

Seafood fans in the UK & Europe can now have a very, festive treat in store for this upcoming Christmas. The launch of The Fish Society’s ‘Caviar & Crustacean Blowout and Atomic’ seafood hampers can feed up to 30 people at a cost of £1,500 or £2,500 (~$4,000 US).

The seafood hamper contains the finest seafood sourced from the four corners of the world this is the ultimate seafood spread and will make a welcome break from turkey and ham!

The delicious hamper includes 17 kinds of seafood including 16 inch long giant Siberian crab legs, extra large crab claws from Chile, freshly cooked native UK lobster, four kinds of prawns including monstrous prawns from Madagascar weighing in at half a pound each, assorted more humble but nevertheless crucial shellfish, and as the magnificent centerpiece, 750g of Sevruga caviar.

The selection is carefully balanced between ready-peeled items and fish still in its shell (less efficient but an essential element in the excitement). 9.3kgs of edible weight (15kgs gross), so even the most gluttonous guests will be sated. “Atomic” includes double helpings of caviar and crab leg (11 kg edible weight).

The launch of the Caviar & Crustacean Atomic Seafood Hamper makes it easily the most luxurious and expensive seafood hamper on the market and a world first for The Fish Society.

Says Fish Society chairman, James Smith: “Our members often want a ‘big spread’, and they will find these packs very convenient. They’d take a long time to make this selection and would be wondering if they had the balance right. We’ve done it for them. The price… well, the price is the price. It’s not difficult to get to these price points if you are dealing in meaningful amounts of caviar. I can assure you they are good value.”.

Customers can cook the seafood themselves or alternatively ask for it to be done before dispatch. Order hotline +44 1428 687768.

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