End of An Iconic Era – Sahara Hotel and Casino Closing

Sahara Hotel and Casino- Las Vegas
Sahara Hotel and Casino

Another iconic hotel has closed on the famous Las Vegas Strip – Sahara Hotel and Casino.

Last Monday, the Sahara Hotel and Casino closed its doors for good.

The Sahara will always be remembered as one of the Rat Pack’s favorite hangouts. In addition, the Sahara was the hotel Elvis Presley once stayed during his filming of the hit movie “Viva Las Vegas.”

After being open for over 59 years and offering $1 hot dogs and $1 blackjack, the Sahara Hotel and Casino will no longer be offering the best rates on the The Strip.

In the past, as older casinos (e.g. Stardust, Boardwalk and Landmark) have been closed and demolished, new developments have taken their place with more glitz and glamor. The future of the Sahara site reminds a big question mark.

As the end neared, visitors to the Shara walked through the casino and bought up a variety of souvenirs at the gift shop and tried their luck gambling one last time.

Over the six decades the Sahara Hotel and Casino was in business, a long list of celebrities have either stayed their or performed.

The casino’s first performance was actually from Ray Bolger, the scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz.”

The Beatles also stayed at the Sahara when they performed in Las Vegas.


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