DOBEL Diamond Tequila – A Luxurious Silver Tequila

DOBEL Diamond Tequila

Although roses and chocolates have long been the traditional standard for Valentine’s Day, those days are dying.

People are looking for better and more personal gifts for their loved ones. Make this year’s Valentine’s Day a memorable and give a DIAMOND for just $49.99!

DOBEL Diamond Tequila makes the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, and is a high-end tequila that provides a unique and luxurious alternative to other spirits available today.

Dobel is truly a luxurious silver tequila that features the complexity of an aged spirit.

DOBEL Diamond Tequila was created by Juan-Domingo “Dobel” Beckmann, who is sixth-generation leader of the world’s most prominent tequila-producing family, DOBEL.

DOBEL is a distinctive blend of three aged tequilas: Reposado (rested 15 months), Anejo (rested 24 months), and Extra-Anejo (rested for 36 months). Dobel is 40% Alc./Vol.

Aptly named, DOBEL is “diamond-clear” as a result of the company’s proprietary blending technique and hand-crafted in Jalisco, Mexico.

This new blending technique by DOBEL offers discerning tastemakers with a smoother, brighter, and higher grade tequila.

Unlike any other tequila in the marketplace, DOBEL tequila is filtered to perfection and measured by the “new” 4C’s – clarity, complexity, crispness, and craftsmanship.

DOBEL Diamond Tequila has created quite a sensation and has quickly become the popular tequila choice for many celebrities including: Ashton Kutcher, James Franco, Matt Damon, Ed Norton, Bruce Willis, Bono, Catherine Zeta Jones, Orlando Bloom, Charlize Theron, Eva Mendez, plus many more.

DOBEL Diamond Tequila is available at popular retailers and has a suggested retail price of $49.99.


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