Do You Desire A Life of Luxury? New Luxury Survey Tells All

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So what do Americans desire? Most of us dream of extravagant things and living a life of luxury, with unlimited wealth to do as we please. Method Fitness conducted a recent, luxury survey of 1,000 people in the U.S. to better understand their ultimate luxuries.

Although it’s no surprise that we all want to enjoy luxury goods and services, the luxury survey also identifies most people don’t feel they will ever attain their dream items. An example, is over half the respondents think have a personal trainer is a luxury, but just 36% feel they can afford one at some point.

We hear that today’s younger generation is less concerned with wealth and name-brand luxury products, but the luxury survey showed otherwise. Between the age of 18 and 24, 60% or people stated they would buy luxury items. That percentage drops with age. For the over 55 year category, just 36% said they would purchase a luxury item. Older people realize material goods are not what’s important in life as they age.

David Guzman is the CEO of Method Fitness, which is a personal training supplier company. He was quoted, “Most folks just want a taste of what it feels like to be pampered, to be catered to, to feel important.”

Below are the interesting results of the luxury survey. Do the results match your wish list?

Top 10 Ultimate Luxuries:
1. Rolls Royce
2. Personal Chef
3. Beachfront Home in Hawaii
4. Rolex watch
5. Tiffany diamonds / jewelry
6. Personal driver
7. Bentley
8. Mansion in Beverly Hills
9. Porsche
10. Jaguar
11. Cartier diamonds / watch / jewelry
12. Beachfront home / condo in Malibu
13. Home in the South of France
14. Louis Vuitton handbag / luggage
15. Personal trainer (in home or while traveling)
16. Prada bag/luggage
17. Any diamond
18. Harry Winston diamonds/jewelry
19. Louis Vuitton shoes
20. Van Cleef & Arpels diamonds/jewelry

When naming their ultimate luxuries, American men put a Rolls Royce at the top of the list, while women opted for a personal chef, according to a national survey of 1,000 people conducted by personal training supplier

Although viewing the list of luxury desirables, not surprisingly there are differences between men and women, both in brands as well as priority order. Some luxury items like owning a Rolls Royce, having a personal chef or driver, wearing a Rolex watch and purchasing beach front property in Hawaii are on both gender lists.

Here is the breakdown between men and women:

Top 10 Luxuries For Men:
1. Rolls Royce
2. Rolex watch
3. Beachfront Home in Hawaii
4. Tiffany diamonds / jewelry
5. Bentley
6. Porsche
7. Mansion in Beverly Hills
8. Personal Chef
9. Personal driver
10. Cartier diamonds / watch / jewelry

Top 10 Luxuries For Women:
1. Personal Chef
2. Rolls Royce
3. Beachfront Home in Hawaii
4. Personal driver
5. Tiffany diamonds / jewelry
6. Rolex watch
7. Bentley
8. Mansion in Beverly Hills
9. Jaguar
10. Porsche

Women have long been categorized as “big spenders” but men said they would spend on average $45,000 on a single luxury item. But the average for women is less than half that – at only $20,000.

When asked what luxury means to them, one respondent said “Luxury in my world is all the bills are paid at once.” Another reply was “It means I’ve made it financially. I’m rich.” Of course some people could care less about a VIP lifestyle and traveling around the world. About 25% state they could care less about adding extravagance to their lives.

43% of answers to the luxury say they treat themselves to luxury items. About 25% say they have received luxury gifts before.

David Guzman states, “We see these things in store windows and in magazines, worn by celebrities and the rich and famous in movies and on television. And despite dreaming, we think it’s not possible. But with hard work, many of these things are within our reach.”

Living a good life means different things to different people. Remember to be happy with who you are and be grateful for what you have. Isn’t that what life should be all about?

If you are interested in making your luxury dream list a reality, please contact The Life of Luxury. We can help you plan your luxury vacation or buy that extravagant item. Be sure to come back again to read about other interesting news, published each week in our luxury blog.

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