Delta Pen Offers “Romeo and Julie​t” Fountain Pen

Delta Pen - Romeo and Juliet
Delta Pen

Since 1982, Delta Pen Company offers limited edition, high quality writing instruments that are truly worthy of any occasion. Delta has long history of manufacturing luxury writing instruments long desired by world leaders and celebrities.

How doesn’t love a good love story? William Shakespeare once said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Probably one of the most popular love stories ever is that of Romeo and Juliet.

Delta Pen is now offering a new pen collection that’s limited to just 25 fountain pens in hand painted celluloid and solid gold. The pen’s body and cap are enriched by miniature hand paintings and mother of pearl inserts that portray scenes relating to Romeo and Juliet.

The pen’s central ring features 18 kt solid gold and is carefully carved by hand with the words “delta 1982” which is Delta’s foundation year.

These beautiful writing pens make a bold statement of elegance. The cap’s top end is formed by an 18 kt solid gold chiseled ring with Delta’s own “double nib” logo. You’ll also notice 25 brilliant-cut diamonds (0.003) that total 0.075 carats.

The Delta factory maintains the highest standards of craftsmanship and design. You’ll find the most skilled artisans creating some of the world’s most distinctive writing instruments.


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