Decadent Fine Jewelry By Prive Jewellery

Prive Jewellery hand worn bracelet
Prive Jewellery

Sonia and Katia Gaydamak, young Russian sisters have just launched their line of unique and decadent fine jewelry – Prive Jewellery.

The elegant jewelry collection was inspired by iconic figures and eras including: Cartier circa 1940, the Maharaja’s jewelry and French designer JAR.

The new Prive Jewellery collection features a variety of stunning pieces that range from oversized diamond adorned precious stone earrings and large pave diamond and gold cuffs, the Gaydamak sisters bring a breath of fresh air over the jewelry universe with their hand bracelet collection.

Instead of being worn at the wrist, the bracelet is actually worn at palm level. Its unique positioning magnifies the beauty of every gesture and truly shows off this incredible piece.

The luxury hand bracelet has already received a strong presence overseas, with style-makers like Miroslava Duma (editor for Russian Harpers Bazaar) photographed sporting the style about town. The bracelet is now garnering the attention of the discerning fashion-forward set here in the states.

Available in white gold, yellow gold, black rhodium and paved with the choice of rubies, white diamonds, brown and black diamonds, Prive Jewellery’s hand bracelets are available in three models: Koral, Karioka and Karess.

This luxurious bracelets retail between $6,000 – $22,000.

You can purchase Prive Jewellery at either Rose Ark in Los Angeles and at the on-trend French boutique, Montaigne Market.


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