Custom Carbon Backgammon Set by Carbofan

Carbofan carbon backgammon set
Photo: Carbofan

Carbofan specializes in individual product designs and utilizes a material called “Carbon fibre” or more commonly known as “Carbon.”

Carbofan proudly offers the first full-carbon backgammon case. This full carbon hand made backgammon case shows the combination of perfect elegance and a unique design. The inside includes material with different fiber types, colored carbon and Texalium elements.

In addition to the strength of carbon, Carbofan also incorporates the aesthetic  and beauty of carbon as well.

The company’s name, Carbofan symbolizes the company’s mission – “Fantasies out of carbon”

Carbofan offers a variety of luxury backgammon sets, whether you need an exclusive and unique sedign or small series production.

The custom backgammon set play stones are made of high quality stainless steel and are 24 carat gilded and fine silvered.

In addition, the play stones have elements of Carbon. Included in the set, are 2 pair of precision dice 9/16“ ca. 14.3mm.

Carbofan’s play stones are neutral in weight due to their engaged points, providing the highest feeling for the player.

Each die (pair) has its very own serial number. A set of handmade leather dice cups is included.

Since the Carbofan backgammon sets are hand made, every backgammon set has its own serial number, which are hand engraved on a sterling silver plate.

These luxury Carbofan Backgammon Sets are a limited edition of of only 99 pieces.

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