Collectible 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock

1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock

Kross Studio and Warner Bros. Consumer Products team up to unveil an amazing collectible – 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock. This highly collectible desk clock is very rare. As a result, it will be issued only in a 100-piece numbered edition.

Kross Studio is an independent design studio and manufacturer. Their mission is to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary, collectible art objects. Kross Studio is proud to reveal its official collaboration with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. The first release from partnership is the stunning 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock. This sleek desk clock pays tribute to the most iconic car in the realm of comics – The Batmobile.

The new 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock is modeled from the iconic 1989 Batman movie, directed by Tim Burton. It is definitely a first-of-its-kind Batmobile clock. Together, the innovative and creative partners have designed this sophisticated and exquisitely crafted collectible clock. Therefore, the new product release is ideal for the most ardent Batman fans. Today, you now have a chance to own a piece of his superhero universe!

Enter the Bat Cave

Every detail of this remarkable Batmobile clock has been meticulously engineered, from the inside out. Interestingly, the greatest challenge Kross Studio had to face was to conceive, develop, and integrate a state-of-the-art, tailor-made clock movement. Their goal is to match the exact shape of the Batmobile. But after months of extensive research and development, the goal was met.

The requirement to create this masterpiece was immense. The Batmobile clock contains a total of 512 components (115 in the body alone and 397 within the movement). In comparison, on average, a traditional mechanical movement is typically composed of just 130 components.

Kross Studio only chose the finest materials in its desk clock design. For example, each component is carefully selected for their technical properties and refinement. You will notice streamlined bodywork in black aluminium composite. It is painstakingly shaped to faithfully reproduce the same curves and proportions of the 1989 Batmobile. Lastly, the surface is perfectly sealed with an aeronautical grade, scratch resistant coating. Therefore, it protects the entire matte surface of this collectible clock.

1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock by Kross Studio

Notice the hours and minutes are oriented horizontally, within the center of the Batmobile’s hood. Plus, the display is on twin cylinders. The vertical regulator can be seen through the turbine at the front of the car. In addition, Batman experts will appreciate reading the time on the top of the clock. Therefore, the time can be viewed through clever, bat-like cowl decals.

You see the strong evidence of expert craftsmanship in every detail of this Batmobile clock. First, the car’s spinning wheels take the viewer on a visual ride into the universe of Batman. There are only several minor deviations from the original Batmobile. Without exception, the goal is solely enhance the viewer’s experience. For example, the windows are treated with a slightly lighter tint. Hence, this enables a subtle glimpse of the movement through the car’s window.

Kross Studio

The company is a manufacturer and design studio based in Switzerland. The founders of Kross Studio are five passionate people. Hence, each has the strong ambition to turn ordinary objects into extraordinary ones. All of the exclusive art pieces created by Kross Studio, offers the highest level of know-how and craftsmanship.

Powerful Engine, Crafted In-House

Kross Studio equips the Batmobile with its own powerful engine. You will find a mechanical manual-winding movement crafted in-house. This impressive feat clearly showcases the expertise of the Kross Studio founders. Furthermore, there are three barrels added to achieve an exceptional power reserve of 30 days. Another nice feature is the Batman-shaped key. It has both a satin-finish and mirror-polish in steel. The design purpose is for the clock’s owner to wind the clock, plus set the time.

The Batmobile clock movement runs at a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour. In other words, at 3 Hz. As a result, the design grants the movement with even more precision, compared to common mechanical clock movement. Those operate at only 2.5 Hz.

The exclusive, 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock is the ultimate combination of design, fine Swiss craftsmanship and high-end materials. The end result is it brings the desk clock to the next level.

As a reminder, this collectible Batmobile clock is produced in a limited edition of just 100 numbered pieces. It is available now for purchase, at price of $29,900.

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Photos: Kross Studio


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