Classic Rolex Watch Designs by Black Limited Edition

Black Limited Editio​n - Rolex Explorer II watch
Black Limited Editio​n

Men and women alike are attracted to Rolex watches, and what a better way to celebrate that special occasion than to give a Rolex watch as a gift … something others will notice.

Now Black Limited Edition, under the Day Dreamer Projects umbrella, is launching a limited edition series of customized Rolex watches. Alejandro Alcocer, a watch enthusiast and design entrepreneur, locates vintage watches and works with skilled watchmakers to tailor each one of them into an all-black creation.

Each Rolex watch are put through a specialized process of deep cleaning after which they go through a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating process which adheres a micron thick layer of metal compounds to metal and other materials to form a black matte finish.  To increase strength, a Diamond Like Coating (DLC) is applied.  Rolexes coated in PVD and DLC will continue to increase in value over time.  Because they are so desirable, this makes the watch a good investment.

Alejandro Alocer states “I am not trying to make a vintage watch appear brand new. I place importance on the idea of recycling a classic, timeless object and giving it a second life. A well designed watch has always reminded me that we are given an unknown amount of time to realize dreams and fulfill visions.”

Black Limited Edition will develop and design these watches on a limited edition basis.  A total of six classic Rolex designs are available, with fifty pieces in each style.

Vintage Explorer – released in the early 1950’s and marketed as the watch used during the first climb of Mt. Everest.

Explorer II – a watch developed and marketed for explorers and travelers, and equipped with the ability to maintain two different time zones.

Submariner  – the classic Rolex watch used for diving and adventure.

GMT Mastera – a Rolex  specially designed for pilots with the ability to maintain the GMT time.

GMT Master II – a slightly larger version of the GMT with the ability to show another time zone, in addition to the GMT time.

Sea Dweller – the largest of vintage Rolex watches, designed for very deep diving.
These watches are a status symbol which equals beauty and fashion.

Also look for Alejandro’s new Black Limited Soap and Candles for Spring 2013.  The exclusive items are available in luxury stores Louis Boston and Pachute in NYC and come in fragrances including sage, sandalwood, and grapefruit.

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