Lady 8 Flower Luxury Watch from Jaquet Droz

Lady 8 Flower Luxury Ladies Watch from Jaquet Droz

The stunning Lady 8 Flower ladies watch from Jaquet Droz is fine piece of luxury jewelry. Honoring the number 8, which is the lucky number of Jaquet Droz, it represents a symbol of perfection, completeness and infinity.

The luxury watch is a thing of beauty and an expression of high craftsmanship. The Lady 8 Flower watch is richly ornated by numerous turns. It features an 18-carat white gold dial and set with diamonds. The 18-carat white gold applied butterfly applique is gorgeous and the watch is completed with incredible blue sapphires. The watch’s 18-carat white gold case is set with sparkling diamonds.

Although it will make heads turn, the ladies watch from Jaquet Droz has a minimalist design with a touch of femininity and pure elegance.

Designed and created in the Jaquet Droz workshops at La Chaux-de-Fonds, the finished product is an extraordinary timepiece for women of all ages. The Lady 8 Flower watch features a breathtaking mechanical animation that takes the shape of a blossoming, lotus flower. The flower consists of 18-carat white gold petals that have been both carefully engraved and enameled by hand.

For lovers of fine gemstones, this attractive watch does not disappoint. It includes a total of 151 baguette-cut diamonds, 383 brilliant-cut diamonds, in addition to 54 blue sapphires. Simply beautiful.

The luxury Jaquet Droz watch has a power reserve of about 38 hours. The total weight is 6.31 carats and case measures 25 mm in diameter.

You have a choice of two different, limited edition versions. The first is the red gold model and only includes 28 available pieces. There are only 8 pieces of the white gold model.

Lady 8 Flower Red Gold – J032003200
The lower circle of the watch dial features a delicate butterfly with it’s delicate wings outspread. There are 2 watch versions. One watch comes with the wings of a butterfly painted and engraved in clear red enamel on a guilloché background. The second version integrates stunning jewels and features a pretty butterfly that is set with amazing blue sapphires. The butterfly is shown against snow made from shimmering diamonds.

Lady 8 Flower White Gold – J032004220
This version of the watch includes an animation featuring a mysterious bud or a fully opened jewel-like bloom. When an owner presses a push-button, the beautiful lotus flower opens up. One opened, a diamond heart appears like magic. This watch offers a technological advance of two mechanisms. First the watch mechanism and one for the automaton. They both fit within the watch’s 35 mm diameter case. The challenge was to ensure they do not interfere with each other.

This incredible luxury watch would make an ideal Christmas gift for that special woman in your life. You will be the talk of a dinner party or other social function wearing this beautiful fine timepiece. It’s elegance is unmatched and screams ultimate sophistication..

If you would like to purchase the new Lady 8 Flower luxury ladies watch from watchmaker Jaquet Droz, please contact The Life of Luxury today. We hope you enjoy reading about the latest luxury watch news and industry reports on our luxury blog.

Photo: Jaquet Droz


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