Charles A. Lindbergh’s Grave

Aviation buffs, in particular, will be intrigued by Charles A. Lindbergh’s simple grave. Lindbergh’s grave is covered with smooth pebbles and located beside the quiet Palapala Ho’omau Church.

The site isn’t easy to find, but it’s an apt resting place for a man who desired peace rather than the fanfare brought on by his pioneering crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

His marker gives only his name and dates (1902-1974), along with the first part of Psalm 139: “If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea…”  Charles Lindbergh died on August 26, 1974.

Directions: The Palapala Ho’omau Church on Maui, Hawaii is located just 8 miles south of Hana on the ocean side of the highway. A small road just past Mile Marker #41 leads to the church.


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