Buben & Zorweg – New Time Mover System

Buben & Zorweg - New Time Mover System

The TIME MOVER® watch winder technology by Buben & Zorweg has long been distinguished as the best around. The German luxury watch brand has continued to push the envelop and upgrade the cutting-edge technology.

Buben & Zorweg upgraded TIME MOVER with a set of new, advanced features to strategically adapt to the unique demands of today’s high-end, self-winding wristwatches.

Taking about two and a half years of research and development, Buben & Zorweg partnered with partner brand ELMA and developed the state of the art Watch Winder Technology.

Included in the numerous new features of the new Buben & Zorweg Watch Winder Technology is the new Safety Catch Mechanism. This new arrangement allows the watch holder to be both easily and safely clicked into position.

True watch aficionados around the world demand nothing short of the best. Now Buben & Zorweg will deliver less operating sound and energy consumption plus greater durability with the new TIME MOVER technology.

The endurance test results performed were outstanding. Successful testing up to 40,000 hours occurred which represents about an operating lifetime of 45 years. Incredible for a luxury watch!

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