BUBEN & ZORWEG Offers Billionaire-Style Interior Design


This year, luxury brand BUBEN & ZORWEG is celebrating two decades in the worldwide luxury business. They are aware that their clients are very concerned about secrecy and the importance to protect their valuable, personal belongings.

BUBEN & ZORWEG shared a few recent projects for their ultra wealthy clients. In Europe, they installed three 580kg, 2 metre high X-007 safes under the floor of their client’s palatial home. The three safes and floor openings resembled a trap door, accessible from the stage of the in-home theatre. Like something out of the James Bond movie, the entire safe system rises from the floor utilizing a double lift system. The great reveal displays a stunning, 360 degree bullet-proof glass showcase.

For another BUBEN & ZORWEG client with a home in the One Hyde Park apartment block of London wanted the installation to be top secret. This building is known to be popular with international billionaires, so the owner wanted reassurance no one – including the company’s installation team, would discover either the floor or apartment number. To live a VIP lifestyle, one must often be careful about disclosing too much personal information.

Another customer wanted a high security fence installed outside his luxury villa. In addition, two high-security, double-lock doors were installed that lead up to the room where his safes are located.

As you can tell, security and privacy are key desires of the affluent. What the desire from BUBEN & ZORWEG is perfect hand craftsmanship, along with German engineering technology to design and install high-end security systems.

The BUBEN & ZORWEG director Christian Zörweg was quoted, “We love creating extravagant, timeless objects of beauty, embodying the decadent lifestyles of the world’s richest men. At BUBEN&ZORWEG, both luxury and security are in the details.”

BUBEN & ZORWEG proudly develops bespoke objects and interiors to showcase watches, jewelry and other pricey collectibles in private residences and palaces round the world, plus yachts and businesses.

If you need to install the best in security safes, then BUBEN & ZORWEG is your choice. The Life of Luxury is proud to share the latest news in the luxury industry. Please return to follow our luxury blog and stay on top of what’s hot.



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