Ultimate Protection – Lamborghini Safe by Brown Safe

Brown Safe - Chronos
Courtesy of: Brown Safe

Protecting your valuables has never been more important than it is today’s troubling times.  Home invasions and robberies are way up due to the dire state of the world economy.

Take action and protect your business as well as personal assets, important documents and so forth. It doesn’t matter if you are a multi-millionaire or on fixed income.

The Lamborghini safe is quite unique as its construction was a complete separation from other existing safe designs by Brown Safe. By collaborating with the military, Brown Safe has established a new fortification rating for their recently developed vault doors clad with highly impenetrable ballistic armor.

Not only was this the strongest armor Brown Safe has ever employed, it was also many time lighter than existing steel armor. This heavily reduced weight meant that a safe embodied in this armor would provide superior protection to our highest rated safe weighing four times that amount.

The current line of Brown Safe maximum protection safes were unsuited for most residential homes as their extreme weight would send them through the floor. The company then designed a truly impenetrable luxury safe that could be secured on any level within any home.

The Lamborghini safe is the only one of its kind. It functioned as the prototype design that was later developed into their Chronos line of luxury watch safes.

It carries a protection rating that surpasses our current testing methods. To date it has defeated all attempts at brute force and illicit entry.

This includes, firing multiple rounds from a .50 caliber anti-sniper rifle into the safe door (each bullet is the length of a man’s palm), carbide drilling attacks, carbide saw attacks, torch attacks, and lock manipulation.

In addition to cutting edge protection, the safe is extensively equipped with a multitude of custom luxury features.

Advanced Security Features
·  6 sided ballistic armor cladding
·  Solid stainless steel 4-way locking bolts
·  Military grade customizable biometric entry system
·  Sophisticated anti-drive and glass plate relocking systems
· 90 minute fire rated to temperatures up to 1700°F (927° C)
· 2 inch thick hardened drill and torch resistive concrete encasement
· Integrated GPS alert and tracking system
· Integrated multi-sensor alert system

Custom Luxury Features
· Carbon Fiber and stainless steel paneling and accents
· Aerospace aluminum door display with concealed keypad and handle
· Factory Lamborghini emblem
· 4 stage custom paint scheme
· Integrated Orbita programmable watch winders

Safe Specifications
Height = 46 inches
Weight = 1350 lbs

For additional information on all Brown Safe product, please visit – http://www.brownsafe.com/


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