Tan in Luxury Style – Sun Lounger by Remmus

Remmus sun lounger

For anybody that has laid outside to soak in the sun’s rays, knows that a common annoyance is getting up to shift your chaise lounge chair to align with the moving sun. Remmus has solved that problem with the luxury Remmus sun lounger.

Finish firm Remmus is the maker of a luxury lounger that can be found on yachts, high-end resorts and villas around the world. The ultimate in luxury decor.

The stylish Remmus sun lounger can actually rotate 360 degrees so it effortlessly follows the moving sun, thus maximizing your sun exposure. No more hassling with repositioning yourself throughout the day.

Remmus was created by Finish designer Tapio Anttila and the sun lounger automatically rotates to face the sun and has been labeled the “revolution in luxury sunbathing.”

Remmus features a waterproof safe locker to keep your valuables safe while you relax in the sun. Once the day heats up and you want to enjoy your favorite beverage, the sun lounger even has a built-in cooler box. For those extra warm days, cool off with built-in misters.

Some people can never leave their hi-tech gadgets behind, so you’ll appreciate the wireless charging station to power up your smartphone or tablet.

Once the sun sets, don’t think you need to leave your Remmus lounger. Just turn on the ambient LED lights. Great for reading a book or socialize with friends with perfect mood lighting. Ready for a cocktail? No worries as you’ll find the built-in service button to call a waiter and place your cocktail order. What a VIP experience!

The lounger has an adjustable powered back rest and includes a breathable padded mattress and built to withstand heavy wear, salt water and UV rays. The polished metal fixtures are made from “acid-proof steel” to prevent corrosion.

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Photo: Remmus


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